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Shave Soap | Classic Bay Rum

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These 3 inch round bars are great for a luxurious shave. Nothing can beat the rich lather and slip that our shave soap produces. All Forge & Foundry soap is made with pure vegetable oils so there are no animal fats involved. Use a shave brush and any razor you prefer to experience a close natural shave. One bar will last several months if used properly.  

How to wet shave:

1.After showering wet face with a hot damp towel or hot water. 

2. Dampen shave brush and brush the top of the soap in a circular motion until you get a good thick lather. 

3. Apply brush to your skin in a up and down paint stroke motion until a sticky lather is formed. 

4. Use any razor you are used to using and shave. 

Ingredients: saponified oils of castor, coconut, cocoa butter, palm(responsibly cultivated), shea butter, stearic acid, bentonite clay, and essential oils. 

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