Interested in selling Forge and Foundry products? Send some info about your retail business or website. Once you are approved as a wholesale customer you will be able to order directly from our site.  phone (910) 233 5861 email

Here is a list of steps that need to happen before you can order wholesale with us. 

1. Create a customer account on the website so we can tag you as a retail customer. Keep reading, I'll explain why in the next few steps. 

2. Send an email to to describe your type of business, location, and any other info. Let us know you created an account. You can also call if you're old school like that. 

3. I will then tag you as a wholesale customer in the database so when you log in on the website you will see wholesale prices on each product page. 

4. Here is the fun part! Once logged in click the drop down menu on each product to choose the wholesale price. Adjust your quantity during checkout. If you're not sure which products you want to invest in right away check out the wholesale packages we offer. These product bundles are a great start for your retail location, comprised of top sellers from Forge & Foundry. Contact us for a wholesale account to order these curated bundles or to make your own custom wholesale order.

5. BONUSES! Forge & Foundry is capable of manufacturing custom displays for the products.