About Us


Forge & Foundry is the one and only Grooming brand from Wilmington, North Carolina. Everything in our collection is handmade and thoroughly tested. All natural is key and Forge & Foundry excludes all the ingredients that are completely unnecessary. Along with the grooming products we incorporate useful accessories for your lifestyle.

The Vision

Forge & Foundry is a reflection of independence. The freedom to work hard and feel good about the way you carry yourself in front of others is the goal. Confidence is a vital part in the world of getting things done. Looking your best is what we are here to help you with. Nothing feels better than to work hard, feel sharp, and reap the benefits.

 Owner, Jeff Bridgers, is known as the local blacksmith in Wilmington and he has a sure footing in the local art and music scene. His blacksmith shop, Black Heat Forge, is where he spends most of his time creating. With his long beard and mustache he was introduced to some products that sparked another creative business idea. Jeff spent a large amount of time on research and development to find the best formulas for each application. The outcome was a brand of mens grooming products that has the competitive qualities of other brands and  stands up to a hard working environment. To see Jeff's ironwork go to