About Us

Forge & Foundry is an original grooming brand from Wilmington, North Carolina.  Everything in our collection is small-batch crafted to ensure the highest quality and best practices.

Our products are born from necessity through years of R&D.  All Natural is key and we exclude ingredients that are completely unnecessary.  We believe quality and function are not mutally exclusive, and our products are a reflection of this premise.  

Aluminum Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free. 

Our company is a reflection of independence.  Shaping something new and positive through freedom and hard work.  

Our goal is to help you feel good about the way you carry yourself.  Nothing feels better than to look sharp and feel good about it.

The result is confidence.  Confidence is vital in the world of getting-things-done.

We have spent a large amount of time researching and developing each product, seeking the best formulas for each application.  Each ingredient and ratio has its place.  

The outcome is a superior brand of grooming products that stands-up to hard working environments.